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I know you're holding on to these clothes because you worry that you might forget those special moments. Having your baby's adorable clothes transformed into a beautiful patchwork memory quilt or memory blanket will help to keep those memories alive.

Send those clothes you can't bare to part with to me and I can turn them into a stunning keepsake for you.

You and your baby can use a gorgeous memory quilt or blanket daily, giving you something that isn't just pretty but practical too. It will remind you of lots of happy days you have spent together.

Patchwork memory quilts and blankets are not just for baby clothes. They can be made from any clothing that hold special memories. Adult memory quilts, blankets and cushions are a great way to capture special memories or moments in life.

Bespoke memorial quilts can also be made, a lovely and very special way of remembering a loved one.



Lap Size Keepsake Memory Quilt made from baby clothes, pretty neckline detail
Pretty neckline detail included on a memory blanket.

" I am so happy with it, (keepsake blanket) it is even better than I had expected, I cried when I opened it. Thank you so much for doing it, you've really made my wish for her birthday present come true. I can't wait to give it to her, even though I'm sure she will care more about the wrapping paper." -Olivia

Bazoo Memory Bear made from baby clothes
Gorgeous memory bear made out of a child's clothes

 "Had a keepsake bear made and it was perfect. My daughter loved it. Fabulously made and came with a lovely birth certificate. Highly recommend Bunty's Basket. Thank you Michelle xxx" - Shelley


'Michelle listened to all my ideas'

I cannot thank Michelle enough from start to finish. I wanted my daughters’ memory blanket to be different to the traditional blankets. We had a chat and Michelle listened to all my ideas on where we could go with the ideas. Such a lovely lady and so professional I couldn't be happier with the end result so delicate and stunning.  Thank you so much I cannot wait to recommend you to others.. Eliza xx

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Meet Michelle

'Brought tears to our eyes'

Hi Michelle 

We absolutely LOVE it!!! Brought tears to our eyes (my husband's as well as mine!)

Thank you so so much. 

I will definitely write a review and recommend you to my friends. 


Thanks once again for this treasured keepsake!

Kirsty x

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