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Your son’s 6th birthday party is just about to start. His friends are arriving and the present pile is growing but there is no sign of your hubby, he’s late home from work.


You can see how excited your son is about opening his presents but you have a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know the Spiderman doll that shoots real web from his arms is not amongst the presents.  You have been searching the shops for the last month to get it for him and it’s sold out everywhere.


This was the only thing your son had asked for and your heart is hurting because you know how disappointed he is going to be.


Then hubby comes through the door and waves at you to get your attention across the heads of all the excited 6 year olds. He is proudly holding up a carrier bag and has a big smile on his face.


He has found the doll.


At that moment, hubby is your hero and you just know he will move heaven and earth to do anything for your son. And the smile on your son’s face as he takes out the doll is adorable.



This moment and many more like it are the ones that you want to treasure forever. Your son’s early years, the husband who loves his family so fiercely. And yet, as your children grow up, or you lose a loved one, these are the moments that you are frightened you will forget.


You probably still have the t-shirt your son wore to his birthday party. The baby-grow your daughter wore when she came home with you from the hospital. The football shirt that your husband insisted on wearing every day of the world cup.


There are many things that can trigger memories….. a particular song, the scent of her favourite perfume, and clothing. Clothing can hold so many memories that it can be hard to part with them. 


This is where I can help. By having your treasured clothing transformed into a beautiful cushion that you can cuddle, or a blanket or quilt that you snuggle under or wrap around yourself will help you to hold on to those special moments in time.


Imagine sitting with your daughter and the quilt made out of her baby clothes. You're telling her stories about each square of clothing included in the quilt, such as the t-shirt with the cute ballerina picture on that she wore for her first day at nursery, or the square that was once the blanket she wouldn’t go anywhere without. Her little face is delighted.


Do you want to capture these memories? Let me turn your treasured clothing into a beautiful keepsake that you can treasure for years and that will become a wonderful heirloom loved by all the family.





Lap Size Keepsake Memory Quilt made from baby clothes, pretty neckline detail
Pretty neckline detail included on a memory blanket.

" I am so happy with it, (keepsake blanket) it is even better than I had expected, I cried when I opened it. Thank you so much for doing it, you've really made my wish for her birthday present come true. I can't wait to give it to her, even though I'm sure she will care more about the wrapping paper." -Olivia

Bazoo Memory Bear made from baby clothes
Gorgeous memory bear made out of a child's clothes

 "Had a keepsake bear made and it was perfect. My daughter loved it. Fabulously made and came with a lovely birth certificate. Highly recommend Bunty's Basket. Thank you Michelle xxx" - Shelley


'Michelle listened to all my ideas'

I cannot thank Michelle enough from start to finish. I wanted my daughters’ memory blanket to be different to the traditional blankets. We had a chat and Michelle listened to all my ideas on where we could go with the ideas. Such a lovely lady and so professional I couldn't be happier with the end result so delicate and stunning.  Thank you so much I cannot wait to recommend you to others.. Eliza xx

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Meet Michelle

'Brought tears to our eyes'

Hi Michelle 

We absolutely LOVE it!!! Brought tears to our eyes (my husband's as well as mine!)

Thank you so so much. 

I will definitely write a review and recommend you to my friends. 


Thanks once again for this treasured keepsake!

Kirsty x

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