Backing and Border Fabric Choices

When you order a memory quilt or blanket from Bunty's Basket Keepsakes, I offer you a choice of backing fabric for the back of your keepsake.

I thought I'd do a post to share with you at a glance the different fabrics, colours and patterns. They are available to view when you are ordering your keepsake but it's so much easier if you can see them all together .

Memory Quilts

When you choose a memory quilt, the fabric you choose will be used for the back of the quilt. If you have chosen a design that has a border, it will also be used for the border too. The fabric I use for the back of the quilts is 100% cotton, so that it is breathable and a nice quality.

Here are a selection of the colours and patterns currently available. (Colours shades may vary depending on your screen)

Red Polka Dots

Lilac Polka Dots

Tiny Lilac Stars

Pink Plain

Green Polka Dots

Tiny Red Stars

Red Plain

Lilac Plain fabric

Lilac Plain

Blue Polka Dots

Tiny Green Stars

Green Plain

Yellow Polka Dots

Tiny Blue Stars

Blue Plain

Pink Polka Dots

Tiny Pink Stars

Yellow Plain

Memory Blankets

When making your memory blankets, I use a dimple minky type fleece for the backing. This gives a lovely, soft, drapey type feeling to the blankets.

Here are the range of colours I have available.



Pink Dimple

White Dimple

Blue Dimple

Lilac Dimple

Yellow Dimple

Pastel Green Dimple

Cream DImple

So, that's the range of fabrics and colours that I offer. Of course, if you have a specific colour or fabric pattern in mind that is not listed, just drop me a message and I can see what I can do. 

Until next time

Michelle x

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