How about a Gift Certificate?

Hi lovely,

I have finally got my arse into gear and properly designed my gift certificate and I have got to say, I think it’s pretty cute.

I have played about previously with a couple of designs, and looked into getting them printed ‘professionally' but, if you haven't guessed by now I love handmade, so I decided to make them myself.

I am not a professional ‘card maker', the only experience I have is that I handmade all the bits and bobs for my wedding almost 10 years ago (and that 10 years has absolutely flew by!). I made gorgeous cross stitched cards for the wedding guests (luckily it was a small wedding coz they took a while to make), the evening invitations with ‘stick on hearts' and the place settings and order of service cards too. To be honest, almost everything was handmade at our wedding. I made my own tiara and mine and my daughters' jewellery, found an amazing jewellery designer who made my daughters' headdresses, one was a little crown and the other a beautiful beaded flower, and I even made our cake topper. So, as you can tell, I love handmade.



So, anyhoo, back to my gift certificates (got a bit carried away there talking about our wedding). So I have decided to make them myself, for that more personal touch and I think they are quite charming.

The gift certificates are a lovely idea for baby showers, new parents or a very special gift for someone who has lost a loved one. You can buy them through my website here, and choose any amount that you would like to pay. Your gift certificate is then made especially for you. You can have it sent directly to the recipient, with a short message added, or it can be sent to you for you to gift yourself. The recipient can then choose whatever they would like from my website and, when they enter the code, that amount will be discounted from their order – simples.

Is anyone where you work leaving to have a baby? Why not club together and get a gift certificate?

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Until next time

Love and blessings

Michelle x

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  1. Queen K

    Mother, I look chubby in that photo.. such a cute crown though. Lovely blog post.. I’m using your blog for some inspiration haha. Well Done.

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