How my payment plan works

Using my Payment Plan

Today I wanted to talk to you about my payment plan.

I decided to set up a payment plan option on my website because I wanted to make it easy and affordable for everyone to be able to have a beautiful keepsake made, whether it's memories of your little one's early years or you are capturing memories of a loved one that you have sadly lost.

The payment plan allows you to spread the cost, interest free, over between 2 and 4 months, depending on the option you choose.

All you need to do to buy via the payment plan is choose your keepsake, and then, once you have chosen your colour options and filled in any necessary boxes such as the personalisation you would like on your keepsake, you are given a selection of options regarding payment.

The first option is to choose whether you want to pay in full or via payment plan. 

If you choose the payment plan option, a new box will appear, giving you a selection of payment plans to choose from.

A little Payment Plan video demonstration




You just need to choose the one that you want, and then go to checkout.

At the checkout, it will give you a summary of what you have chosen and the amount of the first installment, plus any add-on's you have chosen such as extra photos or personalisations.

You can then make your payment either by using your Paypal account or by debit or credit card via Paypal.

Once your first payment has been made, you will get a confirmation email.

Then, once a month, on or around the same date as the initial payment, you will receive an automatic invoice via email from me for you to pay the next installment. You will need to click on the link in this email to make your payment. Now, this is where I find some peeps get confused, because they may assume that the payments will automatically go out of their bank account each month. However, payments are not automatically taken out of your account, you will need to make the payment through the link in the email reminder each month.

I hope this helps to explain how my payment plan works, but if you have any questions, just email me at or pop a message below.

Michelle x


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