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I have a passion for crafting and love handmade items made by talented crafters, so I decided to add a feature to my website where I can share the work of the amazing crafters that I have come across. You will find the page here. I hope that you might find some beautiful handmade and unique items that you will love and cherish and help to support the handmade community.


I am planning to showcase some of these wonderful handcrafters by interviewing them for my blog. I think this is a lovely way to get to know the individual behind the talent and give you a chance to 'meet' some of the amazing people who choose to share their amazing talents with us by giving us the opportunity to buy their wonderful creations.


First to be interviewed on my blog is the lovely Clare Hassett from Meadow Stitch. Here is the interview.

Clare Hasset, owner of Meadow Stitch

I love handmade items and the bags made by Clare Hassett from Meadow Stitch are just gorgeous. I came across Clare's work through A Handcrafted Academy, where we are both members. Clare makes the most adorable handbags, tote bags, purses and bags for both adults and children. If you love Clare's style she can also make bespoke items for you too.


To get to know Clare a little bit more I asked her a few questions:
How long have you been running your business?
18 months
What inspired you to start your business?
I have always been creative with needles and thread. When I was made redundant I took the opportunity to take sewing machine classes. I saw this as a chance to  to work creatively, doing what I love and flexibly around my two young boys. I want to fill the gap in the handmade market with items boys (and their mums) will love.
What is your favourite product to make?
Ooh, if I had to chose a favourite I would say that it's the mini tote bag. The best part though is choosing fun and colourful fabrics.
Describe your working area?
My working area is creative chaos!
Which celebrities/designers/people in your life inspire you?
I find inspiration every time I see a woman setting up her own business and being successful in business. I find it incredibly empowering that these women are taking control of their path and not being limited by what they are told they can do.
What would your dream achievement be?
I dream of having my own bricks and mortar store, and teaching others how to sew whilst still having the flexibility to look after my children and family.
What piece of advice would you give someone who is thinking of started a handmade business?
Don't undersell yourself. Include an hourly rate for yourself in your prices. Selling low cheapens your work and undervalues fellow handcrafters. Persistence - don't give up after one bad craft fair, take stock of what was good and bad and what you could do differently next time.
Are you a sweet or savoury lover?
Definitely sweet!
What book are you reading at the moment?
I find it hard to fit in reading between running a business and running around with the kids. So I'm in the middle of 2 books - A Wanted Man by Lee Child and Online Marketing for your Craft Business by Hilary Pullen
What music do you love chilling/shaking your booty to?
I still love 90s rock and Everlong by Foo Fighters always sends tingles down my spine.
What's your favourite way to spend an evening?
Series bingeing on Netflix with my hubby, a crochet project and sweet and salty popcorn.
What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Mum of boys - does that count as three words?

What one fun fact would you like to share about yourself?

When I was 17 I learnt to play the drums. I had a 5 piece kit with cow bells.


Some great answers to the questions from Clare. If you would like to see more of Clare's gorgeous work, you can find her over at

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