What is a Memory Quilt Keepsake?

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So, what IS a memory quilt keepsake?

A memory quilt keepsake is a patchwork quilt that has been made out of clothing that holds special memories. Whether it's outgrown baby clothes or the clothing of someone we have lost who means a lot to us.

A quilt is not to be confused with a duvet. When I say to people that I make quilts, they often think of duvets and duvet covers. A quilt is more like the bedspread that you put on top of the duvet, for extra warmth or just to look pretty.

Quilts and blankets made out of baby clothes are becoming more and more popular, but I want to raise awareness that these keepsakes can be made out of the clothing belonging to a lost loved one too. It's a beautiful way of remembering your loved one. Parting with their clothing can be hard, but with a memory quilt you don't need to part with your favourite items that hold so many memories, or put them away in a box where you won't see them regularly.

You get to see and enjoy them every day. You get to wrap the quilt around you, or snuggle down under it, and it can bring comfort knowing you can hold it and it will make you feel closer to your loved one. It helps you to remember that they are still a part of your life even though they are no longer here.

So, how is a memory quilt made?

It's made from your treasured clothing, which is cut up into squares and then laid out in a design which is then patchwork stitched together. Care is taken when making your quilt to include any special features of the clothing, such as pockets and motifs. Once the clothing is stitched together, this is then called the quilt top. The quilt top is then laid out on top of some cotton backing fabric and the wadding, which is the soft filling inside the quilt. The three layers are then stitched in a method called 'quilting', which secures the three layers together. This is usually done around each of the squares. Once this is finished, a narrow strip of fabric called 'binding' is stitched around the edges of the quilt to enclose the three layers and give a lovely neat finish.


I've got a short video here for you to see which shows you a throw size memory quilt that's been made out of adult clothing.

There are also other types of keepsakes that you can have made, including blankets, bears and cushions, but I will leave that for another post.

If you are interested in having a keepsake made, or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Much love

Michelle x

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