Why I started my business

Sewing is my passion. In fact, any type of needlecraft will keep me happy. I first picked up a needle at age 5 or 6, when I repaired my pippa doll nurses outfit. From then on I was hooked.


After being made redundant from my Bridal Consultant position, and after years of sewing for pleasure I started my business back in 2013 with a Facebook page and my passion to sew and crochet. I didn't have any direction at first and fumbled around making different things.


Then I received a message from a lovely lady asking me if I could make a memory quilt from her son's baby clothes. I love quilting and thought that this was a lovely idea so excitedly said yes! Although I was nervous cutting into that first baby grow, I loved the experience of transforming those cute baby clothes into a beautiful quilt.


And that was it, I had my light bulb moment. This is what I wanted to do! I enjoyed making that first memory quilt so much that I wanted to do it again and again. I loved the idea that I was making something that would be treasured and bring so much pleasure to others. And so, Bunty's Basket Keepsakes was born.


For the first 3 years I worked from a corner of the bedroom part time, and I also worked part time at a supermarket. But gradually the demand grew for my keepsakes and I now work full time at Bunty's Basket Keepsakes and rent a local studio too.