My Cot Bed Size Memory Blanket

I wanted to share with you today my cot bed size memory blanket.

How the blanket is made

This size blanket is great for your little one to snuggle under in bed or while watching tv. It measures 38 x 54 inches approximately, which is 96 x 137 cm if you prefer metric. Clothing is sent to me by the customer, which is then made into the blanket top by cutting the clothing into 5 inch squares. I'm always really careful when cutting out the squares to include any cute features or motifs on the clothing into the blanket. Once the squares are all cut out I stitch them together in a patchwork design. This then creates the top of  the blanket.

Once I've finished making blanket top, I then lay it on top of the backing fabric. For the blankets I use a minky type dimple fleece. I find this is gorgeously soft and gives the blanket a nice weight without it being too heavy.

Once the two layers have been pinned together, I then carefully stitch around each of the squares to secure the top to the bottom layer and give a lovely 'quilted' effect.

Then, to give the blanket a nice, neat finish, I machine stitch a narrow strip of fabric (called binding) around the edge of the fabric.

Finally, a little label is added to the back of the blanket.

And there you have it, the Cot Size Memory Blanket. These can be made from any clothing, not just baby clothes. They are a lovely idea to remember a loved one, or look great made out of dance t-shirts.

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