These look fabulous made from your child’s baby grows, a favourite football shirt or a couple of items of adult clothing. They can also be personalised with a name or short message.

Please note: These keepsakes are for decorative purposes only and are not meant for children under the age of 14. This is because they cannot be CE tested and certified as they are made from your precious fabrics.

Bazoo Memory Bear, made out of baby clothes
Bazoo Memory Bear
You could have a cute bear made from your son's or daughters baby grows, communion or bridesmaid dress or school or cub's uniform? With a big tubby tummy you could just imagine this bear stealing the picnic basket just like Yogi bear. .These sweet memory bears look great sitting on a shelf and keep lots of your happy memories alive. Your bear can also be personalised by adding name and date of birth. You could also add a very short message or baby's weight onto the other foot.
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Lion Memory Keepsake
Luxe Lion Memory Keepsake
This handsome lion memory keepsake is a teriffic choice to have made out of your little terrors baby grows, favourite football t- shirt or any items of clothing that holds special memories. He comes with his very own adoption certificate. Your little one will definitely feel safe with this beautiful beast watching over him! Roar! Why not add a name and date of birth personalisation to your lion. This would be placed on his back paw. You could even add a small message on his other paw if you wished.
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Baby Bunny Memory Keepsake, memory bear
Baby Bunny Memory Keepsake
Isn't Baby Bunny Memory Keepsake an absolute cutie! Beware though, as she is full of mischief and can always be found climbing up something she shouldn't! A beautiful memory keepsake and a great alternative to a memory bear, she looks adorable made from your child's outgrown baby clothes. She has a cute little bob tail and comes with her very own adoption certificate. You can even have Baby Bunny personalised with a name and date of birth. A beautiful and very adorable choice for a keepsake. Why not add a little something to her other foot too, maybe a birth weight or a short personal message or quote.
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Memory Monkey, made from baby clothes, memory bear
Mischief Monkey Memory Keepsake
Mischief the Monkey is a brilliant choice to have made out of your very own cheeky monkeys' clothes. He has an adorably cute face (with safety eyes), floppy legs and a long curly tail. Perfect for a boy or girl, he looks his best when made with baby grows which complement each other. He comes with his very own adoption certificate. Why not add a name and date of birth personalisation to your monkey and even a short quote, personal message or birth weight.
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Little Lamb Memory Keepsake made from baby grows
Little Lamb Memory Keepsake
This gorgeous Little Lamb Memory Keepsake is an adorable choice for those of you with babies born in the spring, with his cute little ears and happy face and he even has a little tail. Because he of his size, he is a great choice if you have small first size baby grows which you wish to have made into a keepsake. He comes with his very own adoption certificate too. You can even have little lamb personalised with a name and date of birth on his chest.
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Wedding Memory Bear made from a beautiful bridal gown
Wedding Memory Bear
Don't tuck your beautiful bridal gown away in your attic! Send it to me and have it transformed into a gorgeous keepsake bear that you can look at and enjoy every day. I do my utmost to include as many of the beautiful details of your dress as possible. The bear also comes with it's very own adoption certificate. Why not choose to have your bear personalised, maybe with the date of your wedding and your's and your significant other's names.
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