Baby girl Cot Memory Quil

Memory Quilt

My gorgeous memory quilts are made using traditional quilting techniques.  Your clothing is cut into squares, making sure to include special features such as motifs, pretty necklines and pockets. Your personalisation is then hand stitched onto one of the squares.

The squares are then stitched together into a beautiful patchwork panel. A double border is then added around the outside of the patchwork panel using fabric selected by you at time of ordering.This is called the quilt top.

The quilt top is then layed out on top of the backing fabric and wadding (the cosy middle layer) and the 3 layers are pinned together temporarily. This is called a quilt sandwich.

The next stage is when the quilt sandwich is 'quilted' by stitching through the 3 layers around each of the squares.This is called the 'stitch in the ditch' method. Once this is done, the quilt is then finished by adding a narrow strip of fabric (the binding) around the edge of your quilt. This hides the raw edges and gives a beautiful finish. This is done by first machine stitching the binding on the one side of the quilt, and then hand finishing the binding on the back of the quilt by hand stitching for a truly traditional finish.




Memory Blanket

My luxurious memory blankets are made in a very similar way to the memory quilts. A patchwork panel top is made from your adorable clothing.

Then this is placed on top of the backing fabric in a colour of your choice made from sumptuous dimple minky type fabric. A middle layer is not included. This gives the blanket a softer and more flexible feel.

The two layers are then stitched together around each of the squares, in much the same way as the memory quilt. This holds the layers together and helps the blanket to withstand lots of loving and washing.

A white cotton edge is then added to the blanket to bind the layers together. This is machine stitched on both sides.



Lion Memory Keepsake

Memory Animals/Bears

These cute little memory animals and bears are an adorable choice to have made from your favourite child's baby grows.

Each memory animal is carefully cut out of your baby grows using pattern pieces. Care is taken when choosing which fabrics to use where to get the best possible look for your keepsake.

If personalisation has been chosen, this is carefully hand stitched onto the appropriate pattern piece. Then the pieces are carefully stitched together. Safety eyes, noses and joints are always used, as well as safety stuffing. Any extra features are hand stitched onto your keepsake.

Please note: These keepsakes are for decorative purposes only and are not meant for children under the age of 14. This is because they cannot be CE tested and certified as they are made from your precious fabrics.



Patchwork Cushion

Memory Cushions

I have a selection of beautiful memory cushions to choose from. You can choose to have a cushion made from the shirt or blouse of a loved one, or even a dressing gown. These include personal messages too. Or if you have a selection of clothing to be included, you can choose either a single side or double side patchwork cushion.