The story of the Vintage Style Memory Blanket

How my Vintage Style Memory Blanket came to be created

I was mooching through the notes section on my phone today and deleting some of the old notes, when I came across one that simply said 'add lace to the edge of the quilt for a vintage style'. The note was dated August 2014. And I thought, 'how wierd is that!' because I had had the idea, made the note on my phone and promptly forgotten about it, only to have a very lovely lady contact me just over 12 months later to discuss some ideas for a 'vintage style' blanket, and one of her ideas was to have a lace edging around the border.

I found this odd because I have recently finished reading a book called 'Big Magic: creative living beyond fear' by Elizabeth Gilbert, about following your passion to create and be creative, in whatever way brings you joy. In Elizabeth's book, she talks of Ideas as being 'a disembodied energetic life-form'. These Ideas, she says, are flitting around us, trying to get noticed. They look for someone who can 'manifest them into our world through the collaboration of a human partner' and are looking for the right human to do that. They will pay you a visit and try to get your attention, but if you don't notice them, or don't follow up on the Idea, they may just flit off and find someone else to create them. This, she explains, is why so often you will have an idea and not do anything about it, and then a few months later, someone else will develop your Idea and launch it on the world. Your idea simply got tired of waiting and found someone else to create it. So, if you were to take this notion to be true, then my Idea got fed up of waiting and went and found me a customer who would nudge me to put the idea into creation.

                                                                                             big magic Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

So this is the story of how my Idea came to be created.

I received an email from a lovely lady called Eliza, who was interested in having a 'vintage style' blanket made from her daughter's clothing. I immediately got excited, as I have a passion for vintage style myself and my head immediately started to fill up with images of what could be created. Eliza had lots of gorgeous ideas herself, so we exchanged several emails, discussed ideas and shared photographs of images to help explain our ideas. It was the perfect collaboration. I felt that we were on the same page right from the beginning. 

I made a little sample blanket, so that I could make sure that I was understanding exactly what Eliza was imagining in her mind.

I sent Eliza photographs of my little blanket and 'yes' that was the sort of thing she had in mind. We discussed size of squares, deciding to go for a slightly smaller square than I normally use to help to create the 'vintage' feel. Then it was down to the lace, what type would work best. Eliza decided that she did not want anything too scratchy and sent me some pics of some types she thought would work. I did a little research and it was decided that a deep 3" Broderie Anglaise would be the perfect choice. Eliza also chose a gorgeous tiny red gingham patterned fabric for the back of the blanket to complement the adorable clothing that would be the main body of the blanket. Eliza also had lots of lovely ideas for little extras to be included on the blanket, such as cute buttons and bows.

Once all the main details had been decided on, Eliza sent me her daughter's adorable clothing. And it was super cute, so many gorgeous vintage style dresses. Eliza had a few ideas as to which parts of some items she would like incorporated in the quilt, so she included a little list of these, which was a great idea and super helpful for me. She was also happy for me to get creative with how I used some of the extras she wanted included on the blanket, which was lovely.

And here it is, the finished blanket in all it's gorgeousness!

I was absolutely thrilled with how this blanket turned out. I posted it to Eliza and held my breath, as I always do when I send your keepsakes out to you. I always hope you will love your keepsake as much as I have loved making it, and I must say, I have had some lovely responses from you when you have received your keepsakes. You can read some of the lovely comments here.

And here is what Eliza said when she received her blanket

I cannot thank Michelle enough from start to finish. I wanted my daughters memory blanket to be different to the traditional blankets. We had a chat and michelle listened to all my ideas on where we could go with the ideas. Such a lovely lady and so professional i couldn't be happier with the end result so delicate and stunning. . Thankyou so much i cannot wait to recommend you to others.. Eliza xx

 I have to say, it was such a pleasure making this blanket and this is one of the reasons I love creating your beautiful keepsakes for you. I get to be creative every day and every single keepsake I make is totally unique. I can honestly say, I have loved making each and every one.

If you are interested in having your very own vintage style blanket made, you can find the details on how to order by clicking on the button below. If, like Eliza, you have some ideas of your own on what type of keepsake you would like made, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you to Eliza for letting me share her story. If you know anyone who you think might like a keepsake made, do please share this story with them, just click on the share buttons.

Thank you for reading, until next time,

Michelle x

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